Getting started – Part 2 The Family by Ludvick

So here we are at stage two.  It would be great if everyone saw our point of view and agreed with us but that rarely happens.

We need to prepare for things but at the same time try not to be buried by our wife under the patio slabs at home.  We could also do without the kids kicking off and even better if all of the above did not post everything as a joke on facebook too.

So before we get into buying tanks, guns and a small nuclear bunker for the back garden lets speak a little about the other half.

So our hypothetical friend Guy has decided he wants to get in to being better prepared.

Rolling home one night covered head to foot in army green, sat on a tank towing three tons of ration packed food is not the way forward.  Now if your wife is OK with this then brilliant, you are the second luckiest man in the world.  My wife on the other hand and Guys would not be…  We would both end up stuffed and mounted on the wall at home!

What I suggest Guy does is speak to the wife.

Heres a way to do it.

Let’s take the anniversary of the London tube bombings.  A few days before he can mention to the wife that he has concerns that some one might do another one. The news will also be saying so and the press.  He can say something like…

“When I go to work this week I will send you a text then I get on the train and off the train and after I have walked to work and I am in the office and the same on the way home.  That way you know I am safe.  I will listen to the radio before I leave work for the travel news and if there is something on I will call you.  Some times the police shut the mobile networks down and if so, I will use the works land line to say if I am staying later until its all quiet or coming home via a certain route back here.

The wife is not going to be shocked by this and will be grateful of the foresight and planning and we have started to turn the wife into a supporter rather than a detractor of this preparedness trip Guy is on.

Let’s say something simpler, football.  Say Guy in the week is bothered by a train load of supporters off to a red’s match which goes his way home.

Again by saying before the event he his planning to do this or that.  He saves her the worry when there is no information and she can not get hold of him and starts to panic as she has just heard that a train load of red’s supporters have just been causing aggro on the way there.

Also its times like this, “the grey man“ effect starts to come into play.

The grey man is someone we all see every day, and none of us remember him.  His presence is none descript and doesn’t cause  people to remember him.  Described by someone after the fact to the police he is a short, tall, man with female charms and so on.  No one really sees you or remembers you.  Guy getting on the train that night wearing his green’s supporter’s scarf with 3,000 other red’s supporters is going to get him noticed.  A plain business man with no scarf and no eye contact is going to be forgotten even before he is seen by someone.

So we have now started to talk to the wife.  She asks one day why we have loads of tinned food at home?  Well Guy says, – I am worried I might lose my job with all this finance uncertainty and as such if we stock a little extra food.  If I become redundant next week we only have to worry about paying the rent and not food for two weeks.

And remember last year when the street down the road was flooded and we had no power or toilet and had to move in with your sister for a week?  Well this time I want to stay put.  We are not going to be flooded as we live up the hill but I was worried about you and the kids and as such if we stock a little extra food and a camping cooker we are going to be OK. The wife might even suggest other things to carry extra.

He can then go on about being a true “manly man” and making sure the family is safe and well looked after.  Guy is suddenly going to start to see the wife likes this new idea of his. Though the tank in the front garden is going to take some explaining later on!!

The kids are next. You have no chance whatsoever in taking away all there technology and telling them we are living off the land.  After calling the police and social services for child cruelty because you have just unplugged the Play station they are going to hate and distrust you.

What you can do is say to one of them,  say the son.  Son I am worried that one day your phone charger might not work and you’re going to run out of batteries.  (The shock of being unplugged to most children, is horrific).  So then explain as your new preparedness ideas, say you must have a secondary power source.  That you want him to research the best small, solar powered, phone, laptop, ipad charger.

It’s about the size of a dinner plate and after playing with it a few times it can be put away for later use or even used all the time and used to reduce the massive electric bill the kids produce each month.  You can ask them to research the various ones.  When they come back with one sort, ask if it will work for everyone’s.  Get them to research what is in the house and what is needed to recharge every thing and all of a sudden the family are preparing too.

We can say to the daughter  (one day when she is not screaming hatred at everyone). That we have concerns that the price of shampoo is going up or that we worry that she might run out of conditioner one day so from now one we are going to buy three bottles and we are going to store two of them just in case.  All of a sudden the kids are starting to see preparedness as normal and all of a sudden everyone in the house has dipped their toes in it.  Not very far, but at least started.  Stocks are building up and supplies are now higher than ever.  The wife is not worried that she has to go shopping every day as we have stored food.

Now Guy is an accountant, and has no other hobbies or past times apart from liking general DIY and  going walking with the family at the weekend and occasional camping holidays.

So one day whilst out walking you can say.

“Hey family!!  I have a game to play.  Say the house is burnt down today and we have to run away from the zombies would you all mind camping here for a holiday for a week?”

That’s a bug out plan base. Or how about…

“Hey kids if I was to trip over here, and twist my ankle can you explain the best way to get me home?”

By involving people with a really grounded idea,  you start to make head way in getting people to start to think.

The kids had never thought what would happen because dad is all ways there.  Say one of them then turns around and says “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know any first aid” you can come back with, do you want to learn?  Maybe the wife and I, and you two can go on a basic first aid course so we can look after each other better?  Maybe we should start to think about buying a first aid box with real things in it other than a box of plasters ?

All of a sudden we are now talking training as well as preparedness.  We can be watching TV one night with Guy’s family when someone on the TV does some first aid or someone say -straps up a swollen ankle,..  Guy goes to the cupboard and gets down the old unwanted bandage he has had for ten years and says to one of the kids, why don’t you try.  If you complete it we will go to Mc Donald’s tomorrow night.  Lose and I make you clean your bed room twice!

Guy has no off street parking but has a small front garden so the tank he wants to buy won’t be allowed due to parking it somewhere.  So Guy asked the wife for a tank for Christmas and got laughed at.  Maybe he deserved it? Maybe he should of looked at starting again…

Guy this time goes to the wife and says  “Babe I am worried about fuel prices…” she agrees, they are getting a bit much.  Guy then explains this idea.  With all the money he is saving from not going on the train he wants to buy a couple of small steel jerry cans and to fill them up with diesel to keep in the garden shed just in case there is a big step up they cant afford that week. Every couple of six months guy can empty the stored diesel into the car as a free day out to the sea side and refills them again.

Now we are storing fuel and we are also cycling its useful as well and the wife is with us doing it. If she had opened the shed door one day to find a water barrel full of diesel she would have gone mad and killed him for it.

By explaining what you want to do and how it affects us all, you will get people on your side easier and faster, try to hide it and they work against you.

So let’s go further.  Guy still wants to own his tank.

So he says to the wife –  due to the zombie issue of the London area I have decided the family need to drive around in a tank, Yes, so after she has removed his testicles with a blunt knife she stops talking to him for a month. Yes it’s OK to want to own a tank, just not today.  What Guy needs to do is to work up to it.

Find a reason to do it and explain it and everyone will follow.  Demands are met with non-compliance.  Maybe we hold off on the tank for now. Try a tank drive day instead and realise what you are really dealing with.  Get it out of your system and carry on with the basics.

The basics of food, water and protection are first.  Tanks whilst great, are not really up there as we start out.  If the wife comes home one day and finds you have spent the savings on a lovely shiny new tank outside expect violence.  Buy the wife a small 4×4 car with which you can bug out with expect hugs.  Every thing in moderation.  And most importantly keep talking. Never stop talking and explaining why you want to do something maybe the family will surprise you with coming back with better suggestions…

Article authored by Ludvick