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Prepper’s are fruit loops

You’d probably read worse if you’re that bored that you want to read the comments attached to “Prepping” articles published online by the gutter press and lifestyle magazines.

Read some sort of cobblers often provided by a “Prepper” with a commercial interest in selling stuff, stick a picture up of a silly person who volunteered to pose in their local nature reserve with a BB gun for national TV and you’ve stitched the movement/sub-culture right up.

I’m a survivalist and even I think those people ARE fruit loops.

Then we have our special language so we sound all tacticooool and ally.  BOB, BOV, Bugging in, Bugging out etc, etc.

I’ve even seen “preppers” on YT saying stuff like – “I’m off to repair my B – O – V…”  Makes me cringe.  Why not just say – “I’m off to repair my car…”

Even amongst ourselves we seem to have problems understanding what “Bugging out or bugging in means”  Why can’t we keep it simple?

EG – I’m staying put or I’m evacuating?

I’ll add more once I’ve stopped shaking my head and giggling at some of the stuff that make us look daft.

Dark Vengeance